11. Summary

Worth four-dot test

Your child may like to watch these video sequencies and then play them with you. If you or your early intervention specialist can record your child's responses on video while you train him/her for formal testing, it will help your paediatric ophthalmologist in the often difficult test situation.

If you do not get normal responses during play situations, don't get alarmed. The reason may be that the refractive error is not corrected or that the child does not focus, accommodate, properly at near distances, or the child is not yet old enough to respond in the task. These questions will be answered by your doctor and proper glasses with single or bifocal lenses prescribed when needed.

Child playing with LEA 3-D Puzzle pieces and the Key Card

Working together with your early intervention team you will learn about your child's vision for communication and learning and can optimally support him/her during the early development.

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